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Quality products have been the soul for our organization, Pandian Foods, over the past five decades. Soon after the company was established, our Indian Pickles started occupying good position in the markets and in the minds of the customers. We were the first amongst the Pickle manufacturing and exporting companies to launch Mattai Pickle. This gave us a remarkable brand identity. Mattai Pickles are packed in Mantharai leaves.

Gaining customers by satisfying them with quality and appetizing food products are our goals. Culture, preservation and promotion of the ancestral South Indian food habitats; is what Pandian Foods is all about. The methodology used in the preparation of quality based Indian Pickles & Indian Spices have been passed from generation to generation and the ethic has not deviated. To make sure of the quality, the raw materials are procured from best markets situated in various parts of India. Taste any of our products, you will feel the ancient aesthetic food style involved with mouth-watering aroma.

Pandian Food’s Food Processing Unit is located in Madurai, a city famous for its culture and heritage. Madurai is known as a Temple City. Meenakshi Amman temple in Madurai is one of the oldest and biggest temples which draw myriad tourists from all over the World. The City has also been crowned with names like City of Jasmine (Malligai maanagar), City that never sleeps (Thoonga nagaram) and City of four junctions (Naanmada koodal).

The Food Processing Unit is well equipped with latest machineries required for manufacturing food products like Pickles, Paste, Spices and others. Machines may be involved in the process yet we follow the age-old methodology in the preparation, thus producing delicious and quality Indian Pickles & Indian Spices. In order to preserve and promote South Indian food culture, Pandian Foods over the years have been promoting its range of quality Indian Pickles & Indian Spices to the people within the border. And now we are stepping into the next phase of promoting South India’s food culture with our flavorsome Indian Pickles & Indian Spices to its lovers all over the World by exporting them. Be where you are, we bring your favorite recipes there.

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